My Story

I grew up in New York City where my Austrian parents, who came to America in 1939, instilled in me my deep appreciation for the arts.   My Father was the sportsman – track and field, mountain climber, ski school instructor in the Alps – and my Mother was an artist and professional dancer.  She danced with Martha Graham and José Limón. Limón asked her to be his primary dance partner, but she chose the role of Mother to care for me.

Growing up in New York City, I was taken to symphonies, dance performances, museums, art galleries, plays – you name it, we went. I was a brat of a kid walking through the Met with my baseball and glove, not paying attention to much. When I was young, opera was comical and modern dance looked silly. I was “force-fed” violin lessons for eight years.

But my parents’ love of the arts finally sank in, and I’m proud to continue it through my photogrphy. 

The day everything changed

One day, I met the publicity director of Carolina Ballet, who invited me to take some photos of the company dress rehearsal. It was like a rocket taking off. Everything aligned – my love of fierce athleticism, my appreciation for the arts, the inspiration of music, and the satisfaction of capturing it all in one fleeting instant.

I now have ten years of experience watching and photographing dance and have taken photography workshops with everyone from Lois Greenfield to Rose Eichenbaum to Elizabeth Opelanik. To feed my passion, I’ve jumped at chances to photograph dancers in Cuba, at Jacob’s Pillow and Vail International Dance Festival. I’ve formed meaningful relationships with Carolina Ballet, the North Carolina School of the Arts, and local ballet and dance schools, and I’ve worked with professional dancers on their portfolios and publicity. Some of my photographic work was exhibited at Through This Lens Gallery in Durham, North Carolina during the American Dance Festival.

Work with me

My ingrained appreciation for dance and music gives me a superior sense of timing – I can anticipate what moves are coming and when that peak moment will occur. Above all, I have a deep love and understanding of dance photography of many types: dance recitals, dance competitions (featuring everything from gymnastics to ballet to hip hop), and professional ballet performances by regional companies.

From the relationships I’ve formed photographing events and performances, I’ve learned that dancers, performers, models, and portrait subjects need to keep their images fresh. I work with artists on their head shots, full body portraits, and movement shots – and I know how to make people look their best.

Beyond the work, I strive to be kind, personable, and relatable. When you work with me, you’re in good hands, because of my passion, my years of experience, and my ability to make everyone feel relaxed and taken care of.

I can’t wait to meet you, hear about your projects and ideas, and create beautiful pictures together!

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