I love all sports. I’m a former skier and avid tennis player, and just a great enthusiast of action and athleticism.

I’ve photographed horse racing at the Kentucky Horse Park and the Carolina Horse Park. I’ve enjoyed photographing college tennis players, big wave surfing in Hawaii, and female gymnasts in competitions at NC State University.

Capturing Magic

As in imaging dance, sports photography relies on capturing a peak moment – that single instant that shows us the athlete’s coordinated transfers of momentum resulting in an intended outcome. The fierce athleticism in a twist, a turn, or a weight shift. The way an athlete’s entire body focuses on hitting, catching, or throwing a ball; moving the body; or flowing with intent; It’s magical.

The subconscious understanding of that critical moment is the key to a great sports photograph. That’s the moment I love, and the one that I strive to capture every time the camera clicks.

Let's create magic.

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